February 3, 2012 - Private Residential Investigation


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Let me preface this one by stating we had just turned the recorders on and were settling down to start the investigation. A little friendly "mouthing" had been going on prior to starting the recorders, thus the comment by our lead investigator "We don't really need to start off this night with an air of hostility," followed by two investigators talking in low tones, then an EVP says "I know" followed by another investigator, trying to "lighten the mood" saying "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice" which is followed by an EVP saying "No"

The investigator says "Disregard what noises you are hearing right now" as an investigator had gotten up and was moving around.


This is followed an EVP saying "OK"

The investigator had been trying to contact the property owner's "spirit guide" and was stating "What I have read is that that Spirit Guides are selected at the moment of conception". Listen carefully immediately after the word "conception" and you will hear a soft "No"


Spirit Box Recordings HERE



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