April 6, 2012 - Private Residence, Paducah, KY

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Through previous EVP's and the use of the divining rods, we have been led to believe that there is a female spirit who will either get in bed with Michael or sit in his lap. The investigator was asking if the spirit "ever set in Thew's lap" (another investigator).

The response sounds both female and childish.


The investigator was asking the spirit "Do you look after Daisy?" (Daisy is a dog)

The response appears to be "NO"

The investigator asked if the spirit ever sat by Cameron, one of our ***Junior Investigators

The response, after Cameron says "Oh my gosh" appears to be "NO"

Cadin, another of our ***Junior Investigators, asked if the spirit could cross the rods.

The response sounds as if the spirit is saying "crosses" or something similar.

At this point, the investigator was taking turns shinning a flashlight on the other investigators and asking if the spirit could name the individuals.

The response was a rather derogatory word ... I will let you decide what is being said rather than post it here and note that it was not being said in a malicious way ... there's a story behind it that makes it all harmless.

In the previous clip, the spirit had called Matthew, our Lead Investigator, a rather derogatory name. The investigator asked, using the Spirit Box, "Before I go, do you want to apologize to Matthew for what you called him?"

The response is a "NO"

You hear the investigator asking, while using the rods, why the spirit is here, wondering if it is "because of Michael's doctor's appointment?"

You hear the investigator respond with a "Yes" signifying the rods had crossed in the affirmative, but you also hear a spirit voice say "Okay"

*** Before everyone gets in an uproar because we had children on an investigation, these are the founder's grandsons and their parents are Investigators and it was OK with them Also, we ONLY let them investigate with us when we are at our house where we "know" the spirits we are dealing with. We would never ever put them in an unknown situation.

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