April 27, 2012 - Private Residence, Paducah, KY


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The investigator states she is "taking a sweep through the house " in her "own little way" and a voice is heard immediately afterwards

The investigator asks "Did you know Tom Farley" and you can hear what appears to "UhUh" in reply

The investigator was starting a "walking" EVP session and you hear two different voices recorded ... one sounds like it's a female saying "Huh" and the other is male and says "No."

Using the divining rods, the investigator was attempting to narrow down the first letter of the spirit's last name. You hear her say "I, J, K or L" and hear the spirit respond with "L"


Note that the rods had crossed, indicating a "Yes,"  at the same time the EVP was obtained

The investigator is telling another investigator that he should set the child's bench he is playing with somewhere else .... and an unknown voice is heard in reply.

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