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Our Investigators
Matt - Matt is our Lead Investigator and has been participating in paranormal investigations since January of 2008. Matt brings a tremendous amount of computer and electronics knowledge to the table to assist in our investigations. It also felt by the team that Matt is "sensitive" when it comes to paranormal surroundings, which helps tremendously in our investigations. Matt
Michael - The Founder of JPPI, Michael has had more than a casual interest in the paranormal for many, many years but did not get in to the investigations side of things until January 2008. He had his very first paranormal experience in 1978 when he was approached by the apparition of his deceased father. Michael
Sue Ellen - Sue Ellen is probably the most "exposed to the paranormal" member of our team, having grown up in what could only be described as a paranormally active home. In fact, to this day, all the other members of the team feel that entities are actually drawn to her. Sue Ellen
Sarah - Sarah has assisted in private residential investigations in the past, but her colors truly shown in the investigation of the Old South Pittsburg Hospital (if you are not familiar with this place, you can get the "creeps" walking through it in broad daylight, much less at night on an investigation when all the lights are turned off). She was rock solid and stayed right in there beside the more experienced investigators. Sarah
Brandon - Affectionately referred to as "the tunnel rat," Brandon will go where others say "Hell, No," namely, crawl spaces, attics, and the like. He will be a valuable asset to the team. Brandon
Stacey - Stacey brings not only her skills as a professional photographer to bear on our investigations she also brings youthful exuberance which actually seems to attract interactions. Stacey
Chris - Chris is our Equipment Specialist. While not actually performing investigations, Chris plays an integral part by maintaining our equipment before, during and after investigations. Chris
Shannon - Shannon is a Registered Nurse at one of the local medical facilities and one of our newest investigators. She brings an honest excitement to the field of paranormal investigations and quite honestly it is hard (never-the-less enjoyable) to answer all her questions or come up with enough investigations for her. Shannon
Tara - Another of our new investigators, Tara fit right in from the very start. Although a little timid at first, she was conducting sessions with the best of them quickly. Tara
Miranda - Another of our newest investigators, Miranda seems very excited to be a part of our team. She has an open mind when it comes to that which is paranormal which is what we look for in an investigator. Miranda
Jason - Jason, another of our newest investigators (and Miranda's husband), is probably the major skeptic of the team .... which serves us all well as he might be able to see things from a different perspective than the rest of the team (although we do intend on making him a true believer over the course of time). Jason
Leslea - Leslea, who has been a near life-long friend of Sue Ellen, brings an intense curiosity about the paranormal and the mind of a scientist (thus, an inherent skeptic) due to her chosen vocation as a Clinical Laboratory Technologist. Leslea has already been on a handful of investigations and has fit in quite seamlessly. Leslea
Timmy - Last, but most assuredly not least, is Timmy, Michael's Spirit Guide, who, we have been told, assists us on our investigations. I recently had a psychic tell me that the name my Spirit Guide goes by is "Timmy" and the psychic also told me that "Timmy" helped me on investigations, so I was curious to see if he was truly there. I took the opportunity on a recent investigation to ask if this was correct .... the response: "I'm Timmy". Timmy