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Performing An Investigation

Regardless of the type of investigation we are proposing conducting, there are some basic steps we always take that are necessary to be able to intelligently, and efficiently, perform the investigation, as follows:



Once we are contacted, we will arrange a mutually convenient time for all parties concerned to discuss what experiences the client is having and what they wish to get out of the investigation. This interview can be conducted in person (preferred), over the phone or even through email. At this time we will ask a series of questions which will assist us in setting up the investigation so the proper team members, techniques and equipment are used.



Although not required in a lot of the investigations, researching the history of a location or a family still has its’ place in preparing properly for an investigation. It is not uncommon to find some type of major event had taken place on or near the property in questions in the past that the current occupants were unaware of. Information such as this can prove quite useful in interpreting and evidence found during the subsequent investigation.



We will determine a mutually convenient time to perform the investigation, where we will use various instruments and equipment (such as digital voice recorders, digital and video cameras, DVR night vision system, SB7 Spirit Box, EMF detectors, motion sensors, laser grids, trigger objects, and much more) to thoroughly investigate the client's claims. We typically spend between 4 to 12 hours on an investigation, and will have from 4 - 8 investigators assisting, dependent, of course, on the size of the location being investigated.


Once we have completed the investigation, the real work begins …. EVIDENCE REVIEW

One would think that review of the evidence from a six hour investigation shouldn’t take much more than six hours to complete but you would be so wrong.

When you consider that we may have had up to eight video cameras that were recording the entire time (that’s 48 hours of video), and multiple voice recorders with hours and hours of audio to review and dozens and dozens of photographs to pour over, it take a great deal of time and effort to properly review the evidence.

Anything that is found during the evidence review, such as a possible EVP captured with an audio recorder or an anomaly from one of the video cameras, is pulled out (actually copieed to its own file) and logged onto the appropriate form (either the “Audio Review Log” or the “Video Review Log”).

Once the initial evidence review has been completed, a second investigator (usually the Lead Investigator or the Founder) will review the evidence that was pulled out by the first reviewer and then the two will come together to discuss the findings and compare notes. At this time, any evidence agreed upon by the two team members is prepared for the “Evidence Reveal” with the client. As indicated, selected "clips" of the collected evidence will be placed on a CD/DVD for use in the "reveal" to the client.

This entire process can take a few days to a few weeks, depending on the amount of evidence we have to review.