Jackson Purchase Paranormal Investigations
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What are the steps requisite to performing a paranormal investigation?

Client Interview

Once we are contacted, we will arrange a mutually convenient time for all parties concerned to discuss what experiences the client is having and what they wish to get out of the investigation. This interview can be conducted in person (preferred) or over the phone. At this time we will ask a series of questions which will assist us in setting up the investigation so the proper techniques and equipment are used.



Again, we will determine a mutually convenient time to perform the investigation, where we will use various instruments and equipment (such as digital voice recorders, digital and video cameras, 4 camera DVR night vision system, EMF detectors, motion sensors, laser grids, and much more) to thoroughly investigate the client's claims. We typically spend about between 4 to 8 hours on an investigation, and will have from 2 - 6 investigators assisting.


Evidence Evaluation

It is at this point in time, after the investigation is complete, that senior members of Jackson Purchase Paranormal Investigations will evaluate ALL of the evidence collected during the investigations. As indicated, selected "clips" of the collected evidence will be placed on a CD/DVD for use in the "reveal" to the client.


Follow Up With Client

After the evidence evaluation has been completed, arrangements will be made with the client for the "reveal" at which time the client will be shown all the evidence collected during the investigation, both that which is deemed "paranormal" and that which our investigators have "debunked." Alternate explanations, when available, will be presented to the client for all evidence that has been revealed.



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